There are a handful of on-line tattoo directories that show up in most significant search engine searches. Are these directories any fantastic and if so, which ones are improved? This write-up compares some of these major tattoo directories to attempt to answer these concerns.

If you do a search now, the day this write-up was written, of “tattoo directory” without the need of the “”s, you will discover a list of the major tattoo directories. Lets take a appear at these and examine by taking two cities in the US and seeing what final results come up.

1. Quantity a single on the list is aaatattoodirectory. Following carrying out a couple speedy searches at this directory these final results came up:

a. For San Jose California there are eight final results with address and telephone numbers all on a single massive web page with quite a few other cities and parlors. It is essentially a single extended list of tattoo shops. There is not a way to price or assessment a shop or artist.

b. For Dallas Texas we discover 17 distinctive tattoo parlors. All on a single web page once more and without the need of any way to assessment or price the web-site.

2. is the second web-site and right here are the final results for each cities:

a. For San Jose California, the directory has…nicely, zero final results for San Jose which is the states third biggest city and the nations 10th biggest city.

b. For Dallas Texas, tattoodirectory has…umm, once more zero final results! In truth, only a single city in Texas appears to be in the directory: Byran.

3. has the very best domain name for certain. But how about the directory?

a. San Jose Cal, has zero final results. In truth California as a complete has only fifteen distinctive tattoo parlors listed. A single fantastic issue is that every listing has a hyperlink to a separate web page. Nevertheless no way of rating or reviewing the tattoo shops, parlors or artists.

b. Dallas Texas has zero final results and only nine total parlors listed for the complete state.

4. is decrease on the rankings but how are the final results for discovering tattoo shops?

a. For San Jose Ca, has 20 listings. Plus for every listing you not only get the telephone quantity and address, but you have an chance to create a assessment of the shop. Also, every listing has it really is personal web page with a satellite map to support you discover it.

b. Dallas Texas has 19 final results and once more there is a way to assessment every parlor at the parlors personal separate web page. also has some other distinctive benefits such as separate directories for tattoo supplies and gear, piercing and physique art listings, and even tanning salons.

So it appears, not all on-line directories are equal, but some are unquestionably worth utilizing.

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